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Naturally, your chest measurements are only the beginning. That needs to be enough info to give you at the very least a start within the bra seeking game. Everyone has a different body shape, especially women’s breasts. Over time they also change shape and size. Bras with support like the padded Genie bra offer more support with added comfort than traditional wired bras. They usually have wider bra shoulder straps also for added comfort. For some women, it is nearly impossible to discover an underwire bra which will sit perfectly flat and hold the right shape to your current form. Sometimes the size and position of the wires limit the flexibility. If you do decide to wear a wired bra its pretty important to get it fitted professionally when you are purchasing it to ensure its not going to dig in or possibly not sit quite right.

One other big advantage of a Genie padded bra is due to its flexibility to adapt to your shape. If your weight and shape do vary during the month it can adapt and you don’t need a selection of different sized bras in your wardrobe. Some women have changes in their breast size as the month goes on with the menstrual cycle. This can be very frustrating along with the emotional changes – The last thing you want is an ill fitting undergarment.

Will A Padded Genie Bra Help?

If you have a hard exercise routine this can sometimes make the breasts a little sensitive afterwards. Wearing a bra with some padding can help with recovery, Instead of a more fixed form bra with wires and skinny shoulder straps that dig in. Being padded and also flexible it will also feel more natural, not as constricting if your chest area is a little sensitive. Long sessions of running would be the most detrimental to breast shape and form – making sure you have a good sports bra suited for running would be essential!

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