Good Or Bad Genie Bra Reviews

The Genie Bra is heralded as a bra that will replace all of your old bras for most occasions. Genie Bras are bras created for comfort and ease of fitting, they are sized so there is a lot of flexibility of body types while not being one size fits all.

No Thin Shoulder Straps

I got a full drawer full of bras. They fit well and provide the look i might be going for. One thing that they are suffer from is thin straps which is a fairly normal design on most bras. The ones with the padded straps aren’t as adjustable and really seem like a compromise. Thin straps actually cause poor posture as you subconsciously change your stance when your shoulders get sore and try and compensate. Hunching and bending your neck are two common outcomes. Genie bra reviews have highlighted how wider more comfortable shoulder straps help when you wear your bra for extended times.

Seamless Genie Bras

Added Removable Bra Pads

Sometimes you may be going out to a function and you would like to wear a nice dress. You slip it on with a Genie bra on underneath but still feel like you need a boost. Genie bras can be ordered with the option to have added bra pads you can insert inside to give you a small but subtle push upwards increasing your cleavage and filling your dress a little more. With other Genie bra reviews this is usually highlighted as a preferred feature. It might just be the thing you need – similar to “chicken fillets” you can purchase for other bras.

No Underwires

“I’ve spent a massive amount of money trying different bras. I spent a tiny fortune on custom fitted bras simply to leave these in the drawer as they were uncomfortable – they look nice but are just not my ideal shape to wear for extended periods. The Genie bra is really a terrific wireless bra. Amazing comfort and terrific support. Any product that could essentially change the user’s lifestyle is an improvement. As well as the comfortable fit, the bigger bottom band gets rid of the need for painful underwires digging in your skin”.

They say, it’s so comfortable you are going to forget you’re wearing it.

Machine Washable Bra

With the majority of bras you must hand wash or follow exclusive wash instructions sometimes in a separate load. The Genie bra is, in addition, machine washable so you will not have to hand wash with your delicates again. It’s machine washable and can be also be placed within the dryer safely.

Sports Bra Option

You don’t have to fret about your cup size and the exact fit, the Genie sports bra provides great support but still maintains the flexible fitting option to ensure you can find one for your shape. Its suitable for all gym and fitness activities

genie bra reviews