Should You Buy Custom Genie Bra in the UK


Do You Need A Custom Genie Bra

Custom Genie bra as well as all bra styles and makes come in many different shapes and sizes. Because every women has a different shape and unique curves some may require a custom or special sized bra. This is common place but also difficult for those women. It means having to pay extra and get specially fitted every time – they are unable to buy off the shelf or online.

With the industrial age and mass production the ability for special bras has somewhat diminished. There are usually standard sizes to choose from. This is the basic reason so many women suffer with ill fitting bras. The underwire digging in, the straps too thin to make supporting the weight comfortable.

A Bra For Style Or Comfort

Striking the ideal balance between the styling and support of the classic bra with all the comfort and appear of the sports bra is hard to do. However some bras are designed only for style and sex appeal. Some are designed for purpose only like a sports bra – heavy and very supportive to ensure everything is kept in check while exercising! Excessive movement of the breasts is really a concern of women especially during exercise.

Don’t suffer within an uncomfortable, poorly fitting bra. Most women that are uncomfortable in underwire bras are in fact wearing the incorrect size. Sometimes even the month to month body changes women experience can be enough to make a good fitting bra seem to small or big.

Is A One Size Fits All The Answer?

There is a big market for seamless wide shouldered easy fit bras like the Genie Bra and the Ahh Bra. These fit just about all body shapes and are extremely comfortable. They do not have any underwires to dig in and have lots of coverage to provide even support so no thin straps.

Go to a brasserie and get fitted or try some thing like a custom Genie bra or Ahh bra.

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