The Womens Genie Bra Cami


Genie Bra Cami For Ultimate Comfort & Shape

The Genie Bra is a common women’s Cami worn as an undergarment and in addition sometimes a sleeping bra. This Cami Bra  is an exceptional three in one garment that serves a camisole, a bra, and a shaper that can pull in your lower sides and stomach. The Genie Bra Cami gives you an exclusive opportunity to wear the one piece seamless clothing design. This helps you in eliminating layers and the undesirable bulges and rolls for that smooth, seamless appearance you have always wanted.

Genie Seamless And Padded Bra Design

The materials used in the manufacture of the Genie Bra Women’s Cami are: 96% Nylon material 4% Spandex material. A comfy and soft camisole: which is worn under the garment alone. The lower cami targets five zones using compression for the trouble regions of the  the tummy sides, the tummy front, the hips, and the muffin. The Bra also has contour cups for supporting the bust and minimizing spillage and excess fat on the back side. It has Flare comfort band that hug your hips to help control love handles.

Lastly, the Genie Bra Cami comes with a hugging seamless design with pouches that  accommodates modesty pads for extra lift. Unlike other lingerie, The Genie bra has a design that it hugs the hips comfortably. This aids in controlling the love handles without causing unnecessary pressure. This makes it easy to put on due to the one piece seamless construction although ensure you have the correct size. Also, its magic pouch facilitates easy accommodation of modesty pads for coverage and extra lift – for when you want an instant pushup of your bust.

Easy Care & Drying

The garment is machine washable, although you only need to use cold water on a delicate cycle. It comes in many different colors for customers to choose according to their tastes and preferences. While some of the products displayed in the main outlets and stores, country of origin for each product might not always be indicatively accurately. It is advisable for clients to check the manufacturers’ information on the product packaging and confirm for consistency.

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