A woman is naturally endowed with curves and bumps in all the right places. Breasts give you a feminine physique that contributes to your curves. The only way to look and feel sexy is if you wear the right bra for support and comfort. There are a number of factors that you should consider while shopping for comfortable bras.

1. Does The Bra Fit?

Truth be told, lots of women struggle with finding a bra that fits rights. Thousands more struggle finding one that feels comfortable. If it’s too big then it will make your breasts droop, too small and it will have you spilling over which is a source of great discomfort.

2. What’s Your Size?

The journey of finding the right bra begins with knowing your size. This has been campaigned for years and more women are making this necessary step.

Breasts are unique, everyone’s is unique. By getting the measurements right, you will find a bra that covers your entire breast in the cup area without spilling you over or creating a droopy look. Stores that sell bras should have professionals to measure and help them find the right one.

3. Comfortable Bras Over Brand Loyalty

Women tend to favor some brands over others. This is not advisable if you’re hoping to find well fitting bras. Be open to sampling bras from several brands. Your focus should be finding comfortable bras and not one from your favorite brand.

4. What’s The Occasion?

There’s a bra for every occasion. There’s a special one for a sporting event, a party, casual day and for the office. If wearing a halter party dress, a strapless bra will be suitable as opposed to a sports bra.

5. What Does It Do For You?

Comfortable bras should enhance your look and provide comfort at the same time. If you want to enhance the size of your breasts, a padded genie bra would do. On the other hand, a non padded bra would help you maintain your normal size. A lace bra is flattering and feminine if you are looking for a sexy look. However, you should note that lace and embroidered bras will show on light fabrics.

Genie comfortable Bras

6. How Long Will It Serve You?

Did you know that you can get a bra to serve you for an extended period of time? The band on a bra will stretch over time hence making it loose. When shopping, choose one that feels snug on the last hook and eye. This way, you can adjust towards the furthest hook with time.

7. Proper Care Of Your Bras

It is advisable to hand wash a bra in order to preserve it as opposed to throwing it in a drier. Consider it an investment that should serve you long-term. We are all guilty of giving preference to a specific bra and over using it. This will wear it out faster so when you find one that you really like, purchase at least three.

A comfortable bra will boost your confidence, improve your posture and most importantly, prevent your breasts from sagging. However, you should know when to let it go and buy another. If it no longer supports you then it’s time for another.

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