The Handkerchief Bra

History Of The Bra

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History Of The Bra A bra is an undergarment that is specially designed to support the breasts of a woman. Backless dresses, camisoles, and swimsuits often come with a built-in support mechanism that eliminates the need for a bra. Bras are made up of a complex combination of different garments that can confuse any individual Read More …

Genie Venus Push Up Bra

Top Five Bras

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Enjoy Autumn In These Top Five Bras It’s that time of the year, where you want to cozy on up to your loved one, enjoy a hot cup of hot cocoa as the warm air changes to a cooler front. As summer comes to end, the leaves change an assortment of bright and pretty colors, Read More …

Genie sports Bras

Genie Sleep Bra

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Genie Sleep Bra For Comfort and Rest Busy ladies who are dynamic with everyday pressures nowadays need to know why they can’t have the solace and support of a decent sleep bra with the elegant look and style that they need. They have heaps of trim and hot unmentionables that have ruined them in the Read More …

Full Length Longline Bra

Longline Bra Uk

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Do You Need A Longline Bra Longline Bra have a specific purpose due to the support provided underneath the traditional bra. Some of these bras extend right down to the hips and can be completely strapless. This makes wearing an evening dress very easy to expose your shoulders and back. They also provide very good Read More …

Ahh Bra Or Genie Bra

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Is an Ahh Bra For You? If you have been looking for a bra with tons of support and durability, an Ahh Bra is for you. We are going to let you know more about the famous Ahh Bra and the things this amazing item has in store for you. This is in direct comparison Read More …

Genie Bra Cami

The Womens Genie Bra Cami

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Genie Bra Cami For Ultimate Comfort & Shape The Genie Bra is a common women’s Cami worn as an undergarment and in addition sometimes a sleeping bra. This Cami Bra  is an exceptional three in one garment that serves a camisole, a bra, and a shaper that can pull in your lower sides and stomach. The Read More …