How To Choose Sleep Bras

In the late 1800’s the bra was invented close to its modern form. It became an icon of anti femininity in the 1960’s with burning bras the highlight. In the 1970’s the more comfortable supportive shape was born. Once these events took hold the sleep bras were no longer regarded as simply a necessary piece of clothing. They were a fashionable item they showed style and function.

Over the years the bra has developed and progressed a lot. The amount of support, comfort and style has increased incredibly with new technologies and materials introduced. Sleep bras can now be purchased for any size, body shape and colored fabric to suit the fashion of the day.

Here is a list of various bra types available to buy online. It includes bras from the traditional design to the novelties. This is a fairly big list with some you may have never heard of:

Sleep Bras

Traditional Bras:

Demi Cup bra. This is a more risque bra as it leaves almost half the breast exposed. It does cover the nipples but not by much. Its designed primarily for wearing with a dress or top that shows a lot of your cleavage.

Full Cup Bra. This surrounds the breasts from all the way underneath most of the way up also. It gives a lot of coverage and support. This is a common type of bra due to its everyday comfort. Larger breasted women also choose this bra for its support. Some sleep bras also utilize this design.

The Trainer Bra. This has the objective of being the first bra for a young girl who is advancing towards puberty. Its main purpose is to give some support while their bust develops and help them adapt to wear a bra.

Underwired Bra. Most bras have underwires at the bottom of the cups. It ensures the bra holds it shape and provides maximum support. The only disadvantage is the underwire can dig in to your chest plates and ribs a little.

Soft Cup Bra. This is just a bra with no underwire. In its place it has a thick and supportive fabric band to help the bra hold it shape. Its the go to alternative when women find the underwire bra to uncomfortable. Similar to sleep bras these are all about comfort not so much looks.

Strapless Bra. These bras have really taken off in the last decade. Because they have no straps, you can wear a wider range of dresses and tops that expose your shoulders. Some also find straps dig into your shoulders so this is not longer an issue.

Special Purpose Bras:

Sports bra. When sports Bras were introduced in the 90’s it was when running was becoming mainstream. Sports wear had to follow the boom and bras adapted to the industry. They are extremely supportive. Sports Bras usually are very sturdy and rigid to hold your breasts against your chest during exercise.

Sports Bra

Mastectomy Bra. When the dire situation of breast cancer strikes a women, unfortunately some times the outcome is having one or both breasts removed or reduced. The mastectomy bra is designed to pad and hold the chest during recovery.

Nursing Bra. These bras have been developed for one reason: To allow Mum’s to easily breastfeed without having to remove their bra. They have an opening on the cups so the baby can feed.

Maternity Bra Genie Bras

Maternity Bra. Women going through the phases of pregnancy wear these bras. They are fully adjustable, padded for comfort and made of soft fabrics. This is all to help sensitive growing breasts during pregnancy. These can also be used as sleep bras as they are fairly comfortable.

Improvement And Enhancing Bras

Minimizer Bra. If you have overly large breasts this bra can reduce the size slightly by pulling them against your chest. It also provides quite a lot of support at the same time for increased comfort if you are active.

Push Up Bra. This is pretty self explanatory. The bra is designed to push upwards to enhance your cleavage. You can sometimes also insert pads or silicone cups to increase the effect.

Padded Bras. When you need a boost in your chest of would like to go up one or two cup sizes a padded bra is a pretty easy way to achieve this. The pads can also be used to push up and give more cleavage.

Bridal Bra. These are usually in the form of a longline bra. The bridal bra looks like an old fashioned corset. This is mainly to pull you waist in to help fit into a slim wedding dress.

Erotic Bras

Shelf Bra. When you think the opposite of bras, this is it! This thin strap that runs over the breasts to cover the nipples is hardly a bra. Its probably more to allow breast to be show without blurring them out.

Shelf Bra

Peephole Bra. If you are thinking sexual clothing a peephole bra would be first to mind. Its a bra that exposes the nipples. Not for everyone but designed for one thing only!

Cup-less Bra. While not being a full cupped bra, it is made up of strapping. It still supports the breasts somewhat however the nipples are usually showing.

Cupless Bra

Other Bras

Plunge Bra. When you want a really low cut top to show cleavage and no bra a plunge bra is the answer. It is joined together at the lowest possible point of the cups to try and hide itself.

Plunge Bra

Built In Bra. Lots of running tops and shirts have built in bras. These are not usually adjustable but equally comfortable and convenient.

Adhesive Bra. These bras are sometimes just two adjoined silicon pads that are temporarily glued onto the breast to try and hold some form under a slinky and thin dress. They are able to be hand washed and reused.

Convertible Bras. If you had different types of dresses that meant bra straps need to be exposed this bra could work. The straps can change position an also cross over for a specific look.

Choosing the Best Sleep Bra

When you are in a shopping center or online search through the vast selections of sleep bras keep one thing in mind. Your body shape. The bra must fit you correctly. All the marketing hype around bras will be of models maybe not be even close to your shape or size. Ensure the bra suits your bust size, your cup size and your chest. The correct size will reduce the risk of a sore back and shoulder pain.

Be careful to choose a bra that is going to be practical for what you want it for. If you want to go running – choose a dedicated sports bra that is recommended by runners. If you need a nursing bra – don’t compromise with a fashionable bra that could do half of what you need.

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