Post Surgery Bra


Reasons To Choose A Post Surgery Bra

Every year hundreds of women are put through surgical breast procedures. These are either cosmetically by choice or for medical reasons forced upon them by circumstances. Whether you have had an augmentation, reduction, or mastectomy, wearing a Post Surgery Bra is not your biggest concern during the lead up to the procedure. Only afterwards do you start to think about re-adjusting back to normal life and rediscovering your wardrobe. As part of this adjustment is having undergarments that assist in providing support and comfort to the sensitive areas as they heal. You unfortunately cannot go straight back to wearing your very thin and stiff underwired push up bra! It’s similar to having gall bladder surgery and then wearing a pair of tight jeans, not something you should do post surgery. You wouldn’t torture yourself that way and there is no reason why you should torture your already tender breasts either.

After having breast surgery of any type, the last thing women think of is wearing a bra. Many traditional bras are not good for post surgery, but a Post Surgery Bra is different. They are stretchy and comfortable and can be used in the later stages of recovery, as well as for everyday use if that is what you choose. But why should you choose a post surgery bra or a Genie Bra? Let’s examine a couple of reasons, shall we?

Post Surgery Bra

Comfort For The Healing Process

A Post Surgery Bra is all about comfort and support. Their stretchy material helps by not irritating sensitive wound sites. Post surgical bras are manufactured as seamless to aid in comfort. They offer protection of the tender surgical site and can help with healing by preventing the risk of infection. Thanks to the way they are made, these bras are multi-functional and can be included in your daily wardrobe. They are easy to wash also if the wounds are still healing with applied creams and lotions.

Stylish But Simple Designs

While post-op comfort is one of the reasons these bras were constructed, why not add some style to them also? The many forms of post-op surgical bras include: A zippered front, camisole shaped, seamless construction, there are some that are not adjustable and fit like your average Genie Bra. Who says you can’t be stylish and comfortable at the same time? Another perk, they are also available in other colors aside from white. The one piece stretchy type is the most comfortable. The front zippered bra is the most user friendly as it can be put on and off very easily once unzipped.

Comfort and support are one of the top priorities for a Post Surgery Bra, the hope that the bra can help you make the healing process that little bit easier and stress free.

Post Surgery Bra