What Is A Low Back Bra

What really defines a low back bra? Simple, the band on the back of it that wraps all the way around your body. Furthermore as with genie bras there is an option for a lower back style the same as your traditional bra. While traditional bras back bands usually rest in the middle of your back, a low back bra sits lower. than the middle of your back but still offers the support that is needed, especially for cup sizes from C and up. Most bras just have the back band the same height as the lower band or underwires support on the front. Some other options are a low back bra extender. This accessory wraps around the lower torso stomach area to help pull down the rear band.

Low Back Bra Extender

Low Back Dresses and Blouses

The fact is that most women have at least one low back dress or blouse. With this type of clothing, it is sometimes hard to find the perfect bra to wear beneath that doesn’t show through the material. Instead of hunting for the right bra, women usually end up either not wearing the dress or blouse they wish. Or they wear another piece of clothing underneath and dealing with the bra that they have. Which makes for an uncomfortable night out for sure and even more so when you are a large breasted woman. This changes what women wear to be sometimes more conservative.

Low Back Bra

Genie Low Back Bra

At Genie Bras, our low back bras are manufactured to give you the freedom of wearing that low back dress or blouse out on the town or for a special occasion without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. No one likes their bra to show, especially when dressing for a special night out or an important social function. We have you covered with our different varieties of low back bras including strapless, nylon, and spandex materials. We also do not want you to worry about having less support than a traditional bra, so our bras are manufactured with that in mind. Our bras are made with the support you require and come in various sizes, colors, and styles.

We’re sure to have just what you need when you’re ready to slip into that gorgeous dress or blouse. You are then able to dance the night away with friends or have a simple dinner with your partner. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll endevour to work on finding that perfect fit, low back bra, that you’ll be happy to own!

Low Back Bra Shopping