The Genie Sports Bra


Sports Bra Support When It Matters

When you need support and comfort whether you are running or going to the gym, a sports bra is essential. A Genie sports bra is designed for maximum support and also comfort to ensure you enjoy you exercise. There is nothing worse than excessive wobbling and uncomfortable movement in your bust area.

The biggest difference between sports bras and normal everyday bras are the rigidity. They have stronger and wider underwires, wider straps and are usually of a thicker breathable material. Sports bras are usually quite tight fitting to hold everything in place during vigorous exercise. Making sure they fit well is then essential as it could otherwise be very irritating during a long run or gym session

Genie Sports Bra

Some sports bras are very constricting and are designed only for exercise. This could mean you have to get changed frequently between work, home and gym. A Genie Sports Bra can be combined as its more comfortable than a traditional sports bra. It can even be purchased with removable straps for at work or home.

genie sports bra

Genie sports Bras