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Why To Buy Genie Bras As Seen On TV Online

Genie bras as seen on TV have becomeĀ a well known option when choosing a bra. Women across the globe are raving for Genie bras due to their quality features. With no straps and hooks to adjust on some models, Genie bras remain perfectly seamless. These bras do not have any wires digging into your skin. Genie bras are typically designed with a pullover feature and you can be assured there will be a size to fit your body shape. It also features non-slip support straps, broad, and a wide bottom band that will not roll. The convenient stretch material of these bras feels like a great dream. Since it is highly comfortable and snug fitting, you have the opportunity to sleep in the bra if its not too hot in your climate.

The Features Of A Genie Bra:

-Machine dryable and washable
-They come in different styles from sports bras to Genie camisole
-Genie bras come with removable or adjustable modesty pads for extra lift and cleavage
-They are deeper underneath the bust without any roll base band
-Broad wide shoulder support straps
-Designed with comfortable stretch material for changes in body shape
-Seamless with a pullover design feature for easy fitting
-No underwires for reduced risk of uncomfort of digging in
Additional info About Genie Bras:

It is important to know that these bras are highly durable. Genie bras can be stretched from end to end without any difficulties and return to its original shape. Extra cleavage and lift of the bust are provided through removable modesty pads. These bras can always be chosen as a Genie camisole if you need to pull in your stomach a little. Under dresses and cut tops, the maximum coverage of a Genie bra can pull everything in tight if the dress hugs your skin. Genie bras are made from 4% spandex and 96% nylon, making them easy to dry and wash. A Genie bra will provide you long lasting comfort no matter how it is worn.

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