Genie Bra Size Chart

Use the following genie bra size chart to choose the right sized bra, sizing is very important, no one wants to wear the wrong sized clothing, feel uncomfortable or have to exchange your purchase!

See below to ensure your genie strapless bra fits perfect!

Bra Bust Shirt Bra/Cup Size
S 33-36.5” 2, 4, 6 32A,32B, 32C, 32D, 34A, 34B
M 37-38.5” 8, 10 32DD, 32DDD, 34C, 34D, 36A, 36B
L 39-41.5” 12, 14 32G, 34DD, 34DDD, 34G, 36C, 36D, 36DD, 38A, 38B, 38C, 40A
XL 42-44.5” 16, 18 36DDD, 36G, 38D, 38DD, 38DDD, 40B, 40C, 40D, 42A, 42B
1X 45-46.5” 18W, 20 38G, 40DD, 40DDD, 42C, 42D, 44A, 44B
2X 47-49.5” 20W, 22W 40G, 42DD, 42DDD, 42G, 44C, 44D, 44DD, 46A, 46B, 46C, 48A
3X 50.5-52.5” 24W, 26W 42G, 44DDD, 44G, 46D, 46DD, 46DDD, 48D, 48C

Because the Genie bra is essentially strapless, it can be worn as a camisole or undergarment. This way it can be more of a natural fit with no need to have an especially tight fit.

If you have found your perfect size you can:

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We have an article about it if you would like to know more about the right genie bra size.  This describes how to get the most comfortable fit for maximum comfort.

Genie Bra Size