Choosing A Front Fastening Bra

With all of the various styles of bras that can be found on the market, how do you decide between a front fastening bra or back clasping bras? Finding the perfect bra isn’t easy, just ask any woman that shops for bras. Different styles, colors, support types, wired, non-wired, lacy, patterned, solids, there is certainly an abundance of products to consider before making that bra purchase. Consider the five reasons below when deciding on front fastening or a back fastening bra. Maybe these points will help make the decision for you easier.

Do They Offer Comfort?

There are comfortable bras and then there are extremely comfortable bras, which do you prefer?
Front fastening bras are known to be more comfortable. Because there are no hooks pushing into your back and you’re not pulling at the back strap all day. The range of hooks on front fastening bras ranges from a single hook to several hooks all in different styles. Some are metal and some are plastic, it depends on your preference and
sometimes it depends on your cup size as well. Many single, plastic hooks will be found on smaller sized cups, yet three, or four, or even six hooks can be found on larger sized cups for full-figured women.

Front Fastening Bra

Is A Front Fastening Bra Fully Adjustable?

Traditional back fastening bras almost always come with adjustable bands, usually two to five rows of hook closures so that they can be tightened or loosened as one pleases. In the beginning, front closure bras didn’t have adjustable hooks in the front so they were ideal for the younger generation and not quite as popular with the older women. But as the years and technology have changed, so has the process of making bras. Larger breasted women can now find front fastening bras that are actually adjustable.

Front Fastening Bra

Good for limited mobility and post surgery

Some individuals may have limited hand and arm mobility, front closure bras are their first choice because they are easier to work with. Even women that don’t have mobility issues, many choose front fastening bras because they are easier to take on or off. When you’ve worked a long day and dealt with the stress of the day, you want to come home and slip into something more comfortable quickly instead of jumping around and fighting with your annoying back fastening bra that is forever getting stuck in your sweater causing unattractive snags. Front fastening bras also work best if you are a post-surgical patient as well as for breastfeeding mothers. Breastfeeding bras are made with front fasteners and removable cups.

Do Front Clasps Offer The Same Support As Back Hooks?

Contrary to popular belief, front fastening bras can offer just as much support as a traditional back fastening bra. When they were first created, they did not offer ones with underwires as they do now. One of the perks of purchasing the front fastening bra is that the cups offer wider material. This gives more coverage and support especially for larger breasted ladies. They also offer more back support when you buy the ones that crisscross in the back or have T-straps. You can get the product either with or without underwires also, which help with the support that many women seek. Long-line bras with front closures are popular for those that suffer from back pain. Because of how long line bras are made they can help with posture and back pain.

Can They Still Be Pretty Or Sexy?

While many women wear bras for support, many others wear them for their sex appeal as well. Not everyone is happy with plain white bras, so many women like to find those that are pretty and make them feel good about themselves. Having to wear a bra can be a daunting experience on its own, so wearing one that is nicely made or even sexy can make the wearing of it much more appealing. Many front fastening bras come in patterns, lace, solids, and more.

The next time that you’re in the market for a new bra, consider purchasing a front fastening bra. Instead of back fastening, try the options then see which one you would prefer to wear.

Front Fastening Bra