Do you Need Female Special Shaped Bras

The main purpose of any bra is to guarantee ladies’ bosoms support, to propel the chest forward and not put undue pressure on the back while doing this. However, not every one of ladies’ busts are the same size or shape. The choice of Female Special Shaped bras on the online market and in shops is as plentiful as ladies undies. So those extraordinary hard decisions on choosing a bra has got more complicated over the years. One decision has been made easier with the Genie bras – finding a simple seamless comfortable bra. The accompanying bras are four of the most well-known types as a comparison to the genie bra. In the event that you experience some of these circumstances a specific bras as listed my be the only option. Lets take a look.

Large Chested Enlarged Breast Bras

There are an assortment of explanations behind women with big chests. Some just have much bigger breasts than others. Nothing wrong with this at all.
Because of this though some, sadly quite a few don’t wear a bra, they cannot find a well suited Female Special Shaped bras. This causes really serious back issues as the breasts sit much lower, sag making the weight heavier on the lower back. A well fitted bra disperses the weight through the shoulders and more evenly onto the back and torso.
Many plus size bras are designed for the bigger sizes and larger breasts so have wider straps and more support under the cups.
In comparison the genie bra comes in quite a few larger sizes and is designed to run the support evenly to reduce back pain. Also being seamless nothing can dig in to your shoulders or skin.

Female Special Shaped Bras

Maternity Bras For Pregnant Women

The ladies who has hanging bosoms with a quickly changing shape and sizes have a unique challenge. Pregnancy can play havoc with the body. It can be like being on a roller coaster with every day different.
The changes in your breasts alone require either a range of more rigid underwire bras or a smaller selection of stretchy bras. These could include the Wonder bra, the Genie Bra or the Ahh Bra.
Leading up to and during breast feeding the size of the bust will change considerably. Having rigid bras is just not practical. Maternity bras also have provision for breast feeding with a fold down flap. This makes a tricky situation a little more bearable. Also to absorb leakage ect too. During breast feeding the size change can be taken up with a Genie Bra easily as the seamless design can adapt to each size.

Maternity Bra Genie Bras

Lace & Satin Mastectomy Bras

It is a sad circumstance in itself but women who have surgery such as a mastectomy still do need a bra. The bras issued by the hospital or surgery are very medical type and not a long term solution. Similarly the bras brought from the hospital stores are not nice looking or stylish, they only serve a simple purpose. You can find a range of Lace & Satin Mastectomy Bras online. These bras would generally require a proper fitting due to the special circumstances so be careful purchasing Female Special Shaped Bras online first time. Most of these bras would generally be without underwires, be seamless and have padded cups. This reduces any irritation of scar tissue and support the sensitive tissue with extra padding.

Female Special Shaped Bras

Teenage Puberty Training Bra

These bras are designed to either teach a young girl to start wearing bras, or for when she will actually need one. They come in very small sizes to accommodate the beginning of the growth process. These bras are fairly simple in design and are as real as all bras. They also teach a young lady how to choose a bra, fit it and look after it. The choices are vast in colours and patterns. They are a little cheaper being smaller. Shopping for these online is easy as the fit is not as crucial as some of the other special needs bras.

Extra Things To Check For Female Special Shaped Bras

Choose your colours carefully – are you going to wear dark or white clothing (white, ivory white bras will blend in). Make sure what ever you choose its comfortable and makes you feel good. Genie Bras being seamless help a lot with the comfort factor. This can sometimes be more important than having a fancy lace bra that can only be worn a few hours in comfort.

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