C Sized Breast


Bras Suited For A C Sized Breast

Genie bras are a wonderful addition any women’s lingerie drawer that have C Sized Breast. While traditional bras offer support and comfort in various styles and sizes, wearing one the wrong size under that evening gown or low back little black dress can be awkward at best. Nobody likes to have to readjust their bra throughout the evening. You are supposed to be enjoying the night whatever function they have taken part in. Its important you choose the right sized bra for your C sized breast.

With low back bras, specifically for a C sized breast, you will no longer have to worry about the strap showing on your back, as the band shifts its intended position. While many low back bras are strapless, there are others that are designed uniquely with straps and made to sit low on your back while dancing the night away. Here are five of the best selling low back bras for C-Cup sized ladies.

Full Figure Underwire Strapless Bra

While the price tag on this bra runs a little high ringing in at around $65.00, when you’re ready for that night out, it can provide the support you need with the comfort you would expect from a strapless bra. The underwire may seem a little daunting at first.  However it still provides you with the support you need to keep everything in place all night long. It is a convertible bra that can be used with or without the straps, and still stay put on the lower part of your back. Furthermore the most common C Sized Breast is easily available. The range goes from 30 all the way up to 42.

C Sized Breast

Lilyette by Bali Convertible Minimizer Bra

The price tag on this bra runs around $22.00 and can also be worn with or without the straps that come with it. This minimizer bra is designed to reduce slippage and you can be certain that it will stay in place. Even if you wear it with straps, or by crisscrossing them, or also without the straps. The material is smooth and stylish, with no bulky sequins or additions that can cause it to look bulky underneath your best clothing and it is made to stay in place no matter what excitement your night might bring.

Lilyette by Bali Convertible Minimizer Bra

Carnival Invisible Plunge Longline Bra

Not what you would expect as a low back bra, but it is just the same. True, it is a longline bra, but the back is low on your back.  This allows wearing backless dresses or blouses with ease while keeping the shape of your torso slim and sexy. The price tag on this one runs around $40.00. An added perk to this bra is that it has a two-inch wide band. This band is made to stay in place and it also gives you more tummy control. This is really a good shape for a C Sized Breast as it provides a lot of support. The torso is able to push up underneath the bust.

There are many more styles available for larger breasted women, but these three should help get you started with your search. Don’t worry, soon enough you’ll be able to put that gorgeous dress on and have a night to remember!

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