Ahh Bra Or Genie Bra


Is an Ahh Bra For You?

If you have been looking for a bra with tons of support and durability, an Ahh Bra is for you. We are going to let you know more about the famous Ahh Bra and the things this amazing item has in store for you. This is in direct comparison with its similar competitor the Genie Bra.

Machine Washable and A Dryer safe Item

The Ahh Bra is the dryer-safe, machine-washable bra that you have been looking at for a while. If you have been tired of a bra that just fades, pills, or stretches, this bra could work for you long term. An Ahh Bra can keep its form, shape, and color over time as it is made of nylon and spandex. You will an Ahh Bra is all you need to feel comfortable due to its easy fit and seamless construction.

Ahh Bra Is Easy to Use and Wear

An Ahh Bra will contract or expand depending on the size of your body, so you will not have to buy another bra again every time you lose or gain weight. During monthly cycles this can be quite common. Though the price in stores might be a little steep for you. An Ahh bra as seen on TV can be purchased online at very cost effective prices.

Incredibly Comfortable

An Ahh Bra is a comfortable item that you will love right away. If you are looking for a supportive yet structured bra, this type of easy fitting stretch frame bra can help. The fabric of this Bra is flexible nylon and spandex, and you will get the kind of support and fit you have always dreamed of. It is designed to mold to your body shape and hug your figure. It is not a fixed shape so you do not require a custom fit. The bra can also be worn at night due to it being so comfortable like a cami bra.

ahh braAhh Bra Grey